Wednesday, October 31, 2007


October has been a great month. The first weekend we went to Toronto for MAT (formerly MAK) and PT's wedding. The weather was awesome. It got up to almost 80 on the day of the wedding. That's crazy for Toronto.

The Dress

The Lace on the Dress

The View at the Reception

My toes match my dress (plus aren't those awesome shoes?)

MTH taking my picture without my knowledge

The following week, on Friday, MTH had to head to Charlotte for recruiting at work through Saturday afternoon. We didn't do too much that night as he was tired. Then, on Sunday, we headed to the National Folk Festival downtown. Very nice harmony.

On 10/19, MTH took me to the restaurant called Bank for a date night. It was a fun night. We started with the cheese plate which included a very nice blue cheese and a runny triple creme. Then, for my entree, I had a flatiron steak with asparagus and mashed potatoes. Somehow we still had room for a chocolatey dessert. On Saturday, MTH left to meet his brother and Dad in Buffalo for the Sunday football game. I had the house to myself until Tuesday evening as MTH headed to NYC straight from Buffalo on Sunday evening. That Saturday morning I volunteered at the Junior League thrift store, the Clothes Rack. That night I had a chicken cheesesteak and French fries delivered to the house for dinner. Yes, I was lazy and unhealthy. Then, on Sunday, a friend came over to help me start painting the guest bathroom. He helped me tape it and then we painted the primer coat.

As I mentioned, MTH went to NYC and was supposed to come back on Tuesday. He called me on Tuesday to say that he was actually going to come back on Wednesday. That was disappointing for two reasons. The obvious reason of course was that I missed him and wanted him to be back. The second reason was that my father was coming into town on Wednesday afternoon and I had made reservations for the 3 of us to go to a restaurant for dinner that night. My father and I went without MTH and had a wonderful meal. Now, I need to take MTH back so he can try the place as well. They have nice seafood which is hard to find in Richmond.

Finally, this past weekend, was our anniversary weekend. Officially our anniversary is on 10/29 but we celebrated over the weekend. On Friday night, we went to Metro Grill. I've mentioned this place before but I'm sure you don't remember. It was the location of our first date. We didn't choose to go there on purpose but it worked out with it being our anniversary weekend :) Then, on Saturday, we headed over to Charlottesville for the actual celebration. Our first stop was an orchard. We picked up a pumpkin for carving, some apples for baking and some sweet potatoes and butternut squash for eating. After picking up all of that stuff, we headed to Monticello for a tour of the house and the garden. I highly recommend going on this tour if you're ever in central Virginia. It's quite educational as well as interesting. We then got back to downtown C-ville around 5:30pm. We had reservations for something called a Spirit Walk at 7:15pm. It was a special event for the weekend prior to Halloween. It started in a cemetery near downtown (we were able to walk there). We had a guide who led us through the cemetery and then through the town of C-ville. Along the way, "spirits" told us about what had happened to them and their connection to C-ville. It was historic but a lot of fun. One of the spirits was a cowboy who sang and played the guitar. Another seat of spirits was a barbershop quartet. We even went to the courthouse to see a murder trial re-enacted. It lasted almost 2 hours.

As we don't like eating dinner early, we had made reservations for after the walk. We headed over to the restaurant and expected to have a drink while waiting. but, they ended up seating us right away - unfortunately. Somehow, they lost us and we waited at least 15 minutes and no one showed up. So, MTH went back to the hostess to find out what was up. The manager came by our table soon after to apologize and gave us our appetizers for free. So, all in all, it worked out fine. We started with a half pound of steamed shrimp and some Chincoteague oysters on the half shell. I had a French 75 and MTH had an Old Fahsioned. Then, for dinner, he had a whole red snapper, Chinese style. I had a deconstructed salmon BLT. Both were very good. We agreed that we'd definitely be happy to go eat there again. For dessert, we shared a root beer float. Lots of fun!

On Sunday, when we returned to Richmond, we went for a run. We have the Ntelos 8k coming up on 11/10 (my birthday!!!). Then, we headed to La Diff and These 4 Walls to try to find a dining room table. Finally, we bought one. It should be delivered soon. We are now close to set for Thanksgiving. Remember, that I mentioned that I had primed the guest bathroom the previous weekend? Well, I decided to paint the first coat on Sunday starting around 4:45pm. I thought it would take me an hour or so. Well, almost 4 hours later, I finally finished. I now have one more job on my list of things that I would not be good at! I still have to finish the second coat. It must be done prior to Thanksgiving!

Last night, MTH carved a pumpkin and I made an apple pie.

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