Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Did I mention that I'm in a kickball league? It's called the River City Sports and Social Club. I met a friend (MusicPhD) of a friend (Vespagirl) while having drinks with MusicPhD and Britgirl. Vespagirl asked if anyone was interested in joining a kickball league. I decided that it might be a good way to meet people so I signed up. We've played five games and have lost five games. But, we're still having fun. I sometimes join them at the bar after but unfortunately, I've not gone as much as I would have liked. Last weekend, they went to Veritas for wine tasting. It's too bad it wasn't on a different weekend because as you know, we were in Geneva, NY for MTH's Musselman. There's another one planned so I'm hoping it will work out for MTH and me to go. I'm also planning to host them for a cookout in August at some point.

I have to leave soon for our sixth game of the season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can win at least one game for the season although at this point it might be better to play like we're playing Hearts (shoot the moon)! We only have 2 more games after tonight!

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