Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ETK to the Rescue

So, you may have noticed the wonderful pictures in my previous post. Those are thanks to my new camera. When I took pictures in MTH's triathlon in June, I found that I could get at most one picture each time he passed. As you might imagine, I sometimes messed up so would be left with no picture for that pass through. Therefore, I decided I needed a new camera. Then, ETK posted about her new camera. I talked to her about what I wanted and voila, I have a new camera. It's not quite as nice as hers but it's close. I can now take almost continuous pictures as MTH rides by on his bike. My pictures of Phoebe capture her as she does something cool, not just her backside.

Now, I just need to take some classes. My kickball games will not allow me to take the next available one as they conflict. But, hopefully, I won't have any conflicts in the fall.

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ETK said...

Yay for your new camera - it (and you) take great pics! :) I ended up not able to take the class I was planning to take either - so I'm still looking for one too. Let me know if you find an interesting one! :) You could always come to ATL for a class (but I know I'm a bad friend and need to come there...) :)