Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Photography Class, Assignment 1

In the first class, we discussed why we were in the class. My main reason for taking the class is to learn how to use my camera fully. I can easily turn it on and use it as an "instamatic". I want to understand words such as "f-stop", "aperture", "balance", etc. The first assingment was to bring in a few pictures that we had taken in the past year. Here's the ones that I shared:

Phoebe was on my lap for this picture. I like how her eyes match the bed spread. We discussed that there was a lot of yellow in the picture. It is probably due to the lower light in the room. I would not want to use a flash to brighten up though as that would have caused her eyes to look weird.

I'm very proud of this picture. MTH and I were walking around Belfast when I saw this interesting juxtaposition. Here were these "new" colorful abstract art pieces in front of the "old" cathedral. But, the cathedral looks much better than the pieces of newer art. The cathedral is clean whereas the art is rusty and dirty. Plus, I was able to fram the cathedral with the art pieces.

In the first class, we had discussed how a lot of times we take "touristy" pictures. Put people in the middle of the frame and have the big castle in the back ground. I wanted to share a picture that we had taken where there an action taking place but that also captured the fact that we were in a different place.

As you can tell by now, I cherry picked the pictures that I shared with the class. I really like this one as well. It's the tower at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland from afar. I like the dots of yellow from the wildflowers that are interspersed in the grass. Also, although there is a huge amount of sky above the tower, I like the clearness of the sky by the noisiness of the grass.

This picture is the only one from my old camera. I took this one from ETK's window. We were watching the Georgia Half Marathon and for some reason, i thought it would be interesting to take a picture looking down. It worked. I like the shadows on the asphalt. The only downside is that this picture would have been so much better with my new camera!

This picture was my try at some abstract art. It is the ceiling in the City Hall of Belfast. I think that the symmetry could be better but MTH was waiting on me when I took the picture.

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ETK said...

I do love the Phoebe one and the one smelling the flower. :)