Friday, September 14, 2007

Ireland, Day 1

Land in Dublin almost on time.
Head to the car hire counter (i.e. car rental)
Wait in line behind one person for 20 minutes - customer service is not their thing
Finally get car and head to Belfast on the motorway
Decide to stop to see the high crosses in Monasterboice

Make first mistake driving when we leave - drive on the wrong side of the road but no one was coming
Make no more stops on the way to Belfast as jetlag is setting in quickly
Realize as we get closer to Belfast that we only have a map and the address for the hotel, no actual directions
Amazingly, we only miss the street once for the hotel - Belfast is not really that big
Check in to the hotel and head for lunch in the hotel restaurant

MTH ate firecracker chicken (i.e. fried chicken)
Finally, time for our nap - we only slept for 3 hours
Drank a cask beer at The Crown

Took pictures of the Europa Hotel - the most bombed hotel in all of Europe, a church that's also a mall and the Grand Opera House

Asked a local where we should eat - He recommended Irene and Nan's - It turned out to be quite good
Remember to multiply everything on the menu by 2 in order to calculate the real price!
Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, Deane's, for Day 2
Try to stay out late but it just doesn't happen due to sleep winning

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