Friday, May 18, 2007

Grilled Pizzas (again)

I know that I’ve talked about grilled pizzas in the past. I had my team over this past Tuesday for dinner. I decided that grilled pizzas would be fun since each person can make it how they want. In Alexandria, I could buy pizza dough at Trader Joe’s or at Whole Foods. In Richmond, none of the grocery stores seem to have pizza dough. So, I had to go to Plan B – call a pizzeria. That was a lucky break. The pizza crust was the best we’ve ever had. It made the pizzas that much better. I’ll be buying it from a pizzeria from now on! 2.718 – Have you tried grilling pizzas yet?

Everyone – have you grilled something on the grill that at first seemed weird but turned out very good? I love trying to find new things to grill that you wouldn’t expect to be good. My new things for this year are bananas and strawberries.

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