Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Cookout

Today will be our first cookout in our new house. It's just a small affair - about 7 people. My British friend is bringing lamb kebabs with green peppers and halloumi accompanied by tzatiki and pita bread. To keep with the Greek theme, I'm making grilled chicken souvlaki and a Greek salad. I'm also going to buy some hummus. Dessert will not be Greek as I do not think I'm up to making baklava. And, I've already mentioned that I'm not a big fan of the Greek version of baklava. Dessert will simply be grille bananas and strawberries topped with vanilla ice cream and Thin Mints on the side.

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2.718 said...

Buy hummus? As in purchase? In don't understand.

Made a lasagna today. Which got me to thinking about how much I miss my "cooking friends" and you werer the first "cooking friend" to come to mind... =)