Friday, August 22, 2008

Feeling Good

Earlier this week, I wasn't feeling so good as I either had a cold or allergies. Who knew that in my 35th week of pregnancy I would not feel good because of sniffles. Now that I can breathe and my throat doesn't hurt, I feel fine. Of course, rolling over in the nighttime is still a chore. There's this big basketball stuck to my stomach that doesn't always want to move at the same rate as the rest of my body. Therefore, I have to make an actual effort to move. That doesn't really allow for good sleeping. Oh well, I guess it's natures way of getting me ready for when the baby is no longer a part of me.

I'll be posting some nursery photos soon. The crib, changing table, book shelf and dresser are all assembled and in the baby's room. We also have a swing that's ready to go. We're most likely going to get a co-sleeper that attaches to the bed in order to have him in the room with us in the beginning. It will make feeding and changing diapers in the middle of the night much easier. There's a place to store the diaper changing stuff right there and then, as long as everything goes as planned, I'll be the food source.

I've made one exciting purchase - a book called Itsy Bitsy Yoga. I can't wait to try it out.

The other exciting purchase hasn't happened yet but will soon. It's a wrap for "wearing" the baby. The problem has been trying to decide which one to buy. There are so many choices. I have finally decided to try the Moby wrap first. Almost all of the reviews say that it's very comfortable and that there are no backaches even after a couple of hours of use. Since I'll be using it most in the fall and winter, it seems like a good idea as it will be hard for us to overheat in it.

This weekend should be pretty relaxed as our list of things to do is getting shorter. I do still need to pack. I am allowed to wear my own gown but I need to find a cheap one that won't matter what happens to it. The Target near our house is undergoing a huge renovation/expansion and doesn't have anything. I just have to bite the bullet and travel to another Target. I also need to go buy a few nursing items. This shopping is definitely not as much fun as regular clothes shopping.


kelproof said...

I just arrived here via RVAblogs...I read "And Where is Baxley???" and thought "Hey, that's where my family is from!" My grandmother was born and raised in Baxley. She was a Miles. My great-uncle still lives there on his farm.

I'm from Hilliard, Florida, a bit down the road from Baxley.

It's nice to see a connection to home/family this evening in Richmond.

Take care,

MMH said...

Well, one of my good friends when I lived in Baxley is a Miles. They're surely related. Welcome to Richmond!