Sunday, December 30, 2007

3rd Annual H Christmas Party

For recipes of items mentioned here, check out my food blog, food for my life.

Note - everyone is around the dining room table - where all the food is.

Not many people in the front room - where all the decorations are!

Fondue and cookies for dipping are in the lower right corner.

Cheesecake brought by one of the guests on the lower right corner and my homemade marshmallows in the bottom middle.

Close up of the cookies - Mexican wedding cookies, orange sugar cookies and pecan mandelbrot - along with the chocolate fondue. It's a beautiful Bodum fondue pot compliments of my Turkish friend, EE

One last view of the table - on the far end are cheeses including manchego, garrotxa, brie and cheddar. In the middle are deviled eggs and sandwich rolls. These were such simple but popular items!

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ETK said...

Looks fun and it's great to see more pictures of your new place! :)