Saturday, December 30, 2006

Big News

We're moving. It's finally official where we're moving. There were times when it seemed like we were moving to NYC. Chicago was even on the radar. But, after all that talk, we're moving to Richmond, VA. Just one hour and forty five minutes south of where we are now. A place that we actually already know fairly well. We've already started looking for a house (online that is). We're planning on going to look at houses next weekend. Of course, I'll already have been in Richmond for work on Wednesday. The one definite upside is no more commuting to Richmond since I'll already live there.


ETK said...

OMG! I'm behind! I just read this! Do we get details on MTH's new job?? Congratulations!!! I'm sad to see your Alexandria place go, i'm sure you'll miss the cheese store, but super excited for this change for you guys!!!

MMH said...

I will definitely miss the cheese store!!! MTH and I will be back up to visit (at least in the first few months) quite a bit.

Once MTH starts, there will probably be posts from me whining about him working all the time.