Friday, May 26, 2006

An Homage to ETK

So, I didn't buy any crazy high heels this week. Instead, I went for comfort. But, of course, they must also be cute and cool. Here's my answer to that:

Again, it was taken with my camera phone so I don't know how to get it right side up. You'll just have to turn your head to see it correctly.


QY said...

and I can testify that the shoes are comfortable :)

I thought you were slacking as myself in terms of writing blog, but you wrote so many for the last two weeks!!

And I will try that cheese!!

ETK said...

I bet your feet won't hurt as much as mine do now after wearing both pairs of my new shoes this weekend and doing much dancing.

ETK said...

did I mention that a couple we saw at the Commodore's wedding this weekend lives in your neck of the woods and actually frequents Cheestique???? Weird.

ETK said...

where are you? It's been ages since you posted...don't make me add a "blogs that need to be updated" section just for you (and CLM). :)